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To provide superior customer service, agents must be able to respond to emails in a timely manner. A Unified Email Management System greatly enhances the productivity and efficiency of your customer response management system. The administrators or supervisors don’t have to waste their time on assigning tickets and keeping track of them. The agents can seamlessly monitor the tickets, resolve issues and quickly move the tickets queue so that the customers don’t have to wait for several days to get a response. Thus effective email management significantly improves customer satisfaction and experience.

Email management software takes care of creating and assigning tickets, which helps in faster processing of customer queries. The skills of the agents are matched with the queries automatically and the queries are forwarded to the appropriate section immediately. You can set a maximum cap on the number of queries assigned to any agent so that no one is overloaded. The software also maps the follow-up emails to existing tickets for easy access.

As agents handle queries over multiple channels, a customer can't be kept waiting for a response to his email. The Automatic Response System helps the agents focus on resolving queries instead of typing out all the replies. Customizable response templates available for common queries can be used to supply relevant information to customers, thus saving the time of your agents. Agents can utilize this time in handling other important issues or managing queries on other channels.

An Email Management System provides administrators with privileges to set up users and assign roles. While automating the process, the EMS also allows you to have complete control over the system. You can customize the software for your business using various features of the software. Detailed reports can be generated to make things easier for the customer support team. For example, after a ticket is closed, the system automatically generates a report with information on time taken to close the ticket and other such details.

An effective email management system brings efficiency in work flow thereby increasing productivity, reducing errors, duplications and omissions. It enables customer service representatives to monitor queues and reply to mails at a much faster pace, thereby increasing their productivity. The supervisors or customer service managers can use the dashboard to monitor the performance of agents and take corrective action when required. In this way, an EMS has a positive influence on different functions of a service organization.

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