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Calling All Customer Facing Organizations to use email management solution to enhance the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of your email interactions.

Attivo Email Management Software streamlines your email handling processes, ensures faster response and enables you to deliver superior customer service. It is especially useful for managing enquiries, complaint handling and other customer interactions. Attivo brings greater efficiency in the work flow thereby increasing productivity, reducing errors, duplications and omissions. Customer service representatives can easily monitor their queues and reply to mails quickly, while supervisors or managers can use the dashboard to monitor performance and take action when necessary.

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  • Skill-based routing
  • Automated creation and assignment of tickets
  • Track customer history and view related email
  • Auto response using pre-defined templates
  • Keyword analysis
  • Quick view dashboard
  • Multiple email queues
  • Automated status display (New/ Open/Pending/Closed)
  • Supervisor defined color matrix for maintaining SLAs
  • Administrative Controls to define roles & responsibilities
  • Customized reporting
27% business leaders are planning to use email response management in the next 12-18 months.

- Salesforce Research

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